Why Outreach?

TT Electronic engineer with winning LEGO robotics team

TT Electronics engineer with winning LEGO robotics team, Newport, South Wales.

We work with dozens of businesses both large and small to help promote STEM futures to young people.  Whilst there are clearly many benefits to the students involved, there are also many reasons why businesses should get involved.

Working with Potential Future New Recruits

Most companies within the STEM sector find it difficult to recruit skilled employees.  This is in large part attributable to a lack of young people entering the recruitment pipeline.  A key aim of STEMworks is to increase the number of people entering STEM focussed education or career pathways by dispelling myths, undermining negative stereotypes and promoting opportunities.  By working with young people now, companies are helping secure their future recruits.

Improving Staff Skills

The work we do doesn’t just help students develop their skills.  Company employees who support workshops or lead site visits gain a valuable opportunity to improve their communication and project management skills.  These opportunities have been particularly valued and enjoyed by apprentices and graduate employees.

Increasing Brand Reputation

Education programmes such as those delivered by STEMworks help to elevate the reputation of companies within local areas.  Working with young people acts as a multiplier effect as students report back to their parents and necessarily involve teachers.

Increasing Brand Recognition

By supporting young people, companies have the opportunity to expand and increase their brand recognition within a positive framework.  This is vitally important when competing for apprentices and graduates.

Meeting CSRs

By supporting activities, companies can help meet their own CSRs by getting involved with the local community.  By partnering with STEMworks, your company not only meets their CSR targets but also helps improve the medium and long term health of their business by laying the foundations for future recruitment.

Tapping the Creativity of Young People

Unhindered by orthodox thinking, it is surprising how many engineers have gained insight and inspiration from the young people with which they work.



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