Date: 31st October 2018Location: The Cheltenham Regency Hotel, Gloucester Road, Cheltenham, GL51 0ST

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract- Mastering Math through the effective use of manipulatives, bar model and other representations

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Who is the training for?
Primary and Secondary Teachers and Mathematics Subject Leaders who wish to explore the use of concrete resources and pictorial representations, in particular the Bar Model, Part-Part-Whole, Tens Frame and Place Value Counters, to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding to master mathematical concepts.
This is an interactive, hands on course enabling delegates to evaluate the strategies shared during the day and also personalise the content to their particular context.

Note: Crocodiles, Bus Stops and RUCSACs are banned from this course!

During the day we will:

• Explore role of iconic concrete and pictorial representations to support teaching for mastery
• Establish the principle and beliefs of a teaching for mastery approach.
• Strengthen subject expertise by exploring resources and approaches successfully used in some Pacific Rim Countries, such as bar modelling, Part-Part-Whole, Tens Frame and Place Value Counters to master mathematical concepts
• Explore the use of the Bar Model to solve problems and develop conceptual understanding in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proportional reasoning and even a little bit of algebra!
• Explore the use of the Place Value Counters to develop written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
• Try out engaging, practical and easy-to-use resources and approaches to support secure and deep understanding
• Evaluate FREE resources

Steve Lomax has been working with senior leaders, mathematics subject leaders, teachers and pupils for twenty five years. He is the Mathematics Strategic Lead for the Balcarras Teaching School Partnership and GLOWMaths Hub (,@GLOWmaths) and also works to improve outcomes for mathematics in schools and academies regionally and nationally through MaxTheMaths Consultancy (@MaxTheMaths). He is passionate about enthusing pupils at all phases to enjoy and achieve in mathematics.
Through his current, and previous roles of Mathematics Adviser for Gloucestershire (4-19), NCETM Specialist Adviser for Mathematics, Mathematics Subject Leader, SLT, AST and SLE, Steve has a proven track record, locally and nationally, of leading change in mathematics education and supporting schools to improve leadership, standards, teaching and enjoyment of mathematics within a school and across partnerships. He has had the privilege of visiting schools, and working with mathematics teachers, in Shanghai as part of the National Maths Hubs research into the teaching for mastery in mathematics.
Steve is a nationally accredited NCETM Professional Development Lead and co-founder of Can Do Maths ( ) and Kangaroo Maths . In his ‘spare time’, Steve enjoys learning about the amazing world of mathematics and authoring electronic and paper-based mathematical resources, including ArithmeKits (, Bring on the Maths and Got Its. He does get frustrated with the misuse of mathematics in daily life and negative attitudes towards mathematics.

Cost : £195 per delegate per event

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