Electricity workshops thanks to National Lottery

STEMworks are thrilled to be delivering a revamped electricity workshop this term in South Wales, thanks to the generous funding from the National Lottery.  The workshops aimed at KS2 are designed to engage, inspire and enthuse pupils on their STEM journey.  We hope that this will increase the numbers of children converting an interest in STEM into career ambitions.

The workshop employs Locktronics, a fantastic resource that while represents excellent value for money is often beyond the purse of primary schools.  STEMworks will bring expertise and resources to schools in deprived areas of South Wales to motivate and challenge our young people.  Some questions we will consider:

  • Does water conduct electricity?
  • How can I make three bulbs in my circuit shine brighter?
  • How do I make an alarm system to keep those pesky burglars out?

Our allocation of free workshops if fully booked but other opportunities may exist if you would like to contact us.