STEMworks at the Cheltenham Science Festival

STEMworks are looking forward to working with Siemens again this year at the 2017 Cheltenham Science Festival.  In previous years we have run workshops that draw attention to Siemens’ role in the exploration of Mars and renewable energy.  This year our workshop focusses on the driverless cars.  As the Siemens website says:

When Siemens installed the first traffic light at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin 92 years ago, no one imagined that it would replace the policeman directing traffic at the corner…It’s almost impossible for today’s drivers to imagine, but it’s likely that in 20 years only a few road users will be sitting behind the wheel and steering their own cars.

At the Cheltenham Science Festival STEMworks will be working with young people from schools in the region to programme their own autonomous vehicles.  This exciting project will take place next week and help introduce students to key ideas including sensors and coding.  We hope that these young people will be inspired to become the engineers and scientists of tomorrow.  Some of our young people will be driving our future… the rest of us certainly won’t be driving anywhere.