Datalogging Renewable Energy

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Suitable for: KS2

Student number: up to 36

Workshop length: half day

Working in teams of three, students will use the dataloggers to record live data from a range of inputs such as sound and light levels, electrical currents and heat sources.

Students will learn about data collection, have the opportunity to assess different renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar PV and biochemical generation.

Having collected the data they will look at different methods of analysing it including graphical methods.

Finally, they will set a thresholds on the input data which when exceeded trigger an action through a control box.

STEMworks will lead the workshop and provide all the materials and equipment.

By the end of the workshop the students will have used dataloggers to record and analyse data and controlled a device, such as turning a light on when the light level in the room drops below a certain threshold.

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