FREE EDF Energy Workshop and Assembly (Somerset & North Somerset)

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STEM Day workshops – Schools can choose either a Year 8 or Year 9 STEM day (subject to availability)

Year 8 – I day             Year 9 – 2 hour session x 2 per day

STEM subjects obviously play a big part in the work we do and these practical hands-on sessions really bring that work to life and link to the curriculum.

Year 8 students work in teams completing their own ‘design and make’ project. The teams will design, test and modify their Egg protection vehicles before presenting their final solutions.  For this Year 8 workshop we can work with up to 100 students per day. We bring all the equipment and resources.

Year 9 students will have an opportunity to find out more about STEM Careers from STEM volunteers and will then consider how electricity is generated and discuss the relative merits of each method.  The groups will make their own generators. We can work with up to 45 students per 2 hour session and will  run two sessions per day. We bring all the equipment and resources. (with smaller groups this could be run in a large classroom)


Year 8 and 9 Careers Assemblies – 30 minute session

This is a great opportunity for students and teachers in Somerset and North Somerset to find out more about the nuclear power station under construction at Hinkley Point and the fantastic careers opportunities on offer for young people throughout the build and future operation of the plant. Assemblies can be delivered to whole year groups on the same day as STEM Workshop.

For all sessions, we need the use of a school hall and the support of at least two teachers.  For assemblies, a laptop and projector are requested.

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Places are offered on a first come first served basis. THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR SCHOOLS IN SOMERSET AND NORTH SOMERSET.

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