Measure for Measure

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Suitable for: years 5 and 6

Student number: up to 36

Workshop length: half day

In this workshop students make a variety of measurements and employ their mathematical nous to work out, amongst other problems, the volume of the classroom, which card suit symbol has the largest perimeter, how wide fly eyes are and how many grains of rice are in 1 kg.

This hand-on workshop gives students the opportunity to use a variety of measurement devices including trundle wheels, newtonmeters, calipers and measuring cylinders. In the second part of the workshop, students are shown how to make a clinometer, which allows them to measure the height of the school. This involves an appreciation of angles, geometry and the need for careful measurement. Overall, this workshop helps students appreciate the range of measurements that can be made, the importance of units and provides an introduction to a variety of measurement devices.

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