Renewable Racers

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Suitable for: KS3 and KS4

Student number: up to 45

Workshop length: full day

Students are stretched to manage an exciting project in this exciting workshop.  Using the materials provided, students must first construct a wind turbine and maximise the voltage it can provide.  Teams must manage their time and human resources carefully so that they can also design and build a vehicle that contains a capacitor.  Bringing the elements together, students charge their capacitors to race their vehicles in a grand finale.


Working like engineers, students must pay close attention to the quality of their manufacture, time management and work as a team to bring together multiple project elements.

This workshop has a renewable energy theme that compliments the secondary science curriculum.  The workshop requires students to use a range of scientific skills including variables, fair testing and experimentation.  They must also use their knowledge of forces, electricity generation and circuits.

STEMworks will provide all materials and equipment required for this workshop.  A large venue such as a hall or gymnasium is ideally required for this workshop.

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