Thinking Maths

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Suitable for: KS3

Student number: up to 45

Workshop length: 1 hour to half day

Designed with PISA in mind, this workshop helps develop students’ thinking skills by offering a variety of mathematical problems.  Most challenges are hands-on with props to help the students visualise the problem and execute a strategy.

How much does a fish weigh if it weighs 1 kilogram plus half its own weight?

Challenges include estimating the height of £1 m, calculating ice cream cone flavour combinations and constructing magic squares. If they meet the challenge, they are awarded paper which they can then use to build increasingly complex origami shapes.  To gain the paper, the teams can adopt different strategies that enable them to work on more difficult or easier challenges worth a corresponding number of points.

This challenging workshop is ideal for pushing the most able students.  The workshop provides problems which students must solve using their own mathematical skills, knowledge and strategies without the prescribed and predictable silo-ing of mathematical topics.

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