Wind Turbine Workshop

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Suitable for: year 7 – 10

Ideal number of pupils: 30 – 45

Workshop Length: half day or full day


During this full or half day workshop pupils will explore how electricity is generated using wind power, how the design and position of the structures may affect the efficiency of the turbines, what influence the number, shape and angle of the blades will have on the turbines and look at how much energy their models can produce.  They will then use the power generated to illuminate a sign.


During the workshop, pupils will work in groups of three to design build and test working models of a wind turbine.  This workshop incorporates many aspects of the science curriculum including variables, circuits and electricity generation and distribution.

The workshop will be delivered in your school by one of the STEMworks team who will bring along all the equipment and materials required.

If you are interested in running this workshop please either complete the booking form or contact STEMworks directly.


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