If you represent a business in the STEM sector that wants to exercise a long term recruitment strategy and make a positive impact in your local community then read on.


STEMworks has a long track record of working closely with  businesses ranging in size from local to international, helping them raise their profile in the local community and develop the future skills they will need in their workforce.  Whether it is through your staff supporting workshops we deliver in schools, or working with you to develop and deliver practical workshops related to your business we have the skills and experience to help.  If you are considering an education outreach programme and would like inspiration, look at our Case Studies or to find out more please contact us.

tourOver the years we have worked with many businesses including GE Aviation, Lockheed Martin, EDF Energy, Renishaw, GCHQ, Symantec and TT Electronics.  To support companies inspire and engage their future workforce, meet their CSRs and raise their local profile we have:


  • delivered school workshops programmes
  • organised and delivered inter-school competitions
  • organised residential programmes
  • designed interactive stands for use at various events
  • created educational resources
  • helped companies host site visits and structure appropriate activities
  • worked with groups of companies to maximise impact

If you are considering outreach, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.



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